Global Biologics Lists Next Generation Sequencing Services On Genohub

Genohub would like to welcome Global Biologics to the Genohub family. The sequencing services listed by Global Biologics has added more available options for researchers on the Genohub next generation sequencing market.

Global Biologics listed the following next generation sequencing instrument and Illumina library preparation options:

  • Instrument:
    • Illumina HiSeq paired end sequencing and single read sequencing options
  • Library prep:
    • Illumina DNA
    • Illumina DNA Hydroxymethylation
    • Illumina ChIP
    • Illumina Small RNA (microRNA)
    • Illumina Directional RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Illumina Bisulfite
    • Illumina Mate Pair (7-15 kb)

Global Biologics is a research & development service laboratory focused on clients performing discovery and applied research from academic, government, & private organizations. With experienced personnel and efficient molecular services, Global Biologics can aid scientists in advancing complex research studies.

The nucleic acid services offered by Global Biologics address common laboratory bottlenecks which are critical yet time consuming to perform. Specifically, Global Biologics has expertise in the following areas:

  • NGS Library construction & Sequencing (Illumina)
  • PCR based gene expression profiling and genotyping
  • Targeted Sequencing Applications (HiSeq) & Data Analysis
  • Nucleic Acid Isolation, QC and archive
  • Automation, scale up, and tech transfer

We are excited to include Global Biologic’s high throughput sequencing services on the Genohub instant matching engine.

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