4 Top Next Generation Sequencing Forums

Forums offer a great opportunity to mind share with like minded professionals across the globe. They offer a vehicle to ask and potentially receive quick answers to just about any industry related question. Forums also offer a vehicle for collaboration and improved decision making by harnessing the power of the crowd. So which are the top next gen sequencing forums? These 4 were selected for having the largest number of active members discussing next gen sequencing specifically.

Top Next Generation Sequencing Forums

  1. Seqanswers: A top list of NGS forums would not be complete without SEQanswers. This forum is dedicated solely to this topic. Seqanswers was founded to be an information resource and user-driven community focused on all aspects of next-generation genomics.
  2. Nature Network: Nature Network is a professional networking website for scientists around the world. It is not dedicated specifically to next generation sequencing but they do have many members active on the subject. Nature is an online meeting place where you and your colleagues can gather, share and discuss ideas, and keep in touch. It’s also where you can consult the community for answers to scientific questions or offer your expertise to help others.
  3. The Science Advisory Board: This forum has as its mission to improve communications between medical and life science professionals and the companies who provide this community with products and services. To accomplish this mission, The Science Advisory Board conducts studies about the products and services NGS professionals currently use. Companies value this information and use it to improve existing products and services or to develop new ones that better meet the needs of their customers.
  4. LinkedIn: Little explanation required. Here are the top 3 forums (based on the number of members)

Forums can be an extremely valuable tool in a career involving next generation sequencing (or otherwise), enabling both researchers and NGS providers a fantastic way to collaborate and build relationships. Undoubtedly there are other great next gen sequencing forums out there. If you have any you would like to share we would love to here about it!

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