11 Top Next Generation Sequencing Blogs

Here is a compilation of some of the best next generation sequencing blogs for your reading pleasure:


CoreGenomics is a personal blog written by James Hadfield who runs a genomics core facility in Cambridge. The core runs lots of next-generation sequencing and gene expression microarrays alongside other Genomic technologies.

Pathogens Genes and Genomes:

A heady mix of bacterial pathogenomics, next-generation sequencing, type-III secretion, bioinformatics and evolution.

Next-Gen Sequencing:

A working guide to the rapidly developing world of Next-Generation DNA sequencing, with an emphasis on bioinformatics.


An eclectic blog of what could more adeptly be described as complete articles which are produced by a variety of authors with varying areas of focus.

Omics! Omics!:

A computational biologist, Dr Keith Robison’s personal views on new technologies & publications on genomics & proteomics and their impact on drug discovery.

Genomes Unzipped:

Genomes Unzipped is a group blog providing expert, independent commentary on the personal genomics industry.

In Between Lines of Code:

A blog on Biology, sequencing, bioinformatics and more, by Lex Nederbragt who works at the University of Oslo at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES).

Kevin’s GATTACA World:

Kevin Gattaca’s blog with a focus on bioinformatics, genome science and next generation sequencing.

Next Generation Technologist:

A blog by Dale Yuzuki, who is a marketing professional who currently works for Life Technologies Corporation and offers a unique perspective on next generation sequencing.

Blog @ Illumina:

Of course no next gen sequencing blog list would be complete without including the most prolific next gen sequencing instrument company in the world.


A blog focused on transcriptome sequencing news.

We hope you enjoy some of the blogs on this list. Please comment if I missed any other terrific next gen sequencing blogs.


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