Gnomegen Lists Services On the Genohub Next Generation Sequencing Market

We want to welcome Gnomegen to the Genohub family. The sequencing services listed by Gnomegen will add more available options to the Genohub next generation sequencing market.

Gnomegen listed the following next generation sequencing instruments and library prep options:

  • Instruments:
    • Illumina HiSeq paired end sequencing and single read sequencing options
  • Library prep:
    • Illumina DNA
    • Illumina Directional RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Illumina ChIP
    • Illumina Small RNA (microRNA)
    • Illumina Amplicon
    • Illumina RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Illumina Total RNA
    • Ion RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Ion ChIP
    • Ion Small RNA (microRNA)
    • Ion Total RNA
    • Ion Directional RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Roche454 DNA

Being an early stage startup, Gnomegen has successfully developed and commercialized reagent products for the library preparation of next generation sequencing with pending patents on file. Besides its team of creative scientists, Gnomegen is backed up by consultants with leading expertise in technology, sales and marketing as well as corporate attorneys and patent agents. We look forward to matching Gnomegen with the most compatible high throughput sequencing projects for their lab.

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