SeqMatic Lists Services On the Genohub Next Generation Sequencing Market

We want to welcome SeqMatic to the Genohub family. The sequencing services listed by SeqMatic will add more available options to the Genohub next generation sequencing market.

SeqMatic listed the following next generation sequencing instruments and library prep options:

  • Instruments:
    • Illumina GAIIx
    • Illumina MiSeq v2
    • Illumina MiSeq
  • Library prep:
    • Illumina Directional RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Illumina Directional RNA (rRNA-depleted)
    • Illumina RNA (rRNA-depleted)
    • Illumina RNA (polyA-selected)
    • Illumina DNA
    • Illumina Small RNA (microRNA)

SeqMatic’s founders are former Illumina R&D scientists who are experts in the field of next generation sequencing and related bioinformatics services. They specialize in miRNA and mRNA sequencing as well as custom sequencing project services with fast turnaround times. We look forward to matching SeqMatic with the most compatible high throughput sequencing projects for their lab.

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