Micro-Seq Lists Next Generation Sequencing Services On Genohub

Genohub would like to welcome Micro-Seq Enterprises to the Genohub family. The sequencing services listed by Micro-Seq has added more available options for researchers on the Genohub next generation sequencing market.

Micro-Seq listed the following next generation sequencing instrument and Illumina library preparation options:

  • Instrument:
    • Illumina MiSeq paired end sequencing options
  • Library prep:
    • Illumina DNA
    • Illumina 16S V4
    • Illumina Small RNA (microRNA)
    • Illumina RNA (rRNA-depleted)
    • Illumina Bisulfite

Micro-Seq Enterprises was formed to help reduce the sometimes long delay researchers are forced to endure to get the results of their experiments that involve DNA or RNA sequencing (RNA-seq, RNAseq), including bacterial community analysis (16S sequencing). Micro-Seq is able to offer quick turnaround times for researchers with smaller sequencing projects. Unlike sequencers with enormous capacity, the economic scale of the Illumina MiSeq prevents researchers with smaller sequencing projects from enduring longer wait times and higher fees.


We are excited to include Micro-Seq’s high throughput sequencing services on the Genohub next generation sequencing market.

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