Matchmaking for the Life Scientist

Seq-ing NGS data analyst for long walks on the beach (Marco Island). Experience with SNP calling and genome mapping a plus. Must be willing to deal with large data sets and my species diversity. Willing to pay hourly for a short term (one-time) relationship. Also offering to include you as an author on my paper. 

So maybe you haven’t seen a request exactly like this one, Genohub has ! There are typically two main types of people using

There is the researcher who is completely new to next-gen sequencing. He or she may know nothing about sequencing read types or how to analyze data and needs help starting. The researcher may have some resources, but needs help with sequencing and / or  data analysis.  These researchers can begin their foray into NGS using our complimentary consultation form. This researcher will talk with our scientific staff and get matched with a sequencing service provider or bioinformatician best suited to handle their project. 

 Then there’s the experienced NGS researcher who has ordered library prep, sequencing or data analysis services before and knows exactly what he or she wants. Often this researcher needs to discuss a few things with a service provider before moving things forward. This type of researcher can find service providers based on the NGS instrument or library prep application they need using Genohub’s technology search page or enter the number of reads / coverage they need using our project specific search engine. Using either search applications, the researcher can find, submit their project and talk directly with a service provider.

So the next time you’re ‘seqing’ a match for your next-gen sequencing project, start with

next generation sequencing consultation


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