Library Preparation Guide

One of the most important steps in the sequencing process is library construction. With the rapid expansion of Next Generation Sequencing into a growing number of labs, the number of techniques to create libraries has grown. Heard or Gro-Seq, HITS-CLIP or GBS? These are just a few examples of established techniques that took on a sequencing twist (genomic run-on, cross-linking immunoprecipitation and genotyping respectively). You could say that the growing throughput of sequencing has enabled these methods and that these methods are enabling the growth of sequencing into more labs. Our aim is to keep track of these techniques, offer brief descriptions of each, along with comparison metrics. We’ve started by writing the Guide to Library Preparation, describing the techniques and kits used by our service providers on Genohub. When searching for library preparation services on Genohub, researchers will be able to see the type of kit a provider uses and click on its name for a more detailed description of the technology behind the construction of libraries.

As of today, there are a little more than 200 different techniques to construct libraries. Our guide is certainly a work in progress. If you’ve recently developed a new technique and would like it described in our guide, please contact us with a description of the library protocol. We’re also looking for feedback on the guide’s content and what you think we should add.

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