Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics Adds High Throughput Sequencing Services to Genohub

We want to welcome Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics to the Genohub family. The high throughput sequencing services listed by Longhorn will add more available options to the Genohub next generation sequencing market.

Longhorn Vaccines added the following instruments and library prep options:

  • Instruments: Ion PGM 314 Chip, and Ion PGM 318 Chip
  • Library prep: Ion Amplicon, and Ion total RNA

We look forward to matching Longhorn Vaccines with the most compatible high throughput sequencing orders for their lab.

Dr Luke Daum and team at Longhorn Diagnostics also provided us with some excellent feedback on the Genohub platform. At Genohub we strive to maintain a close ear to our clients and continue to improve the experience and service we provide based directly on feedback. We look forward to incorporating suggestions by the Longhorn team into future Genohub iterations.

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